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Credit Union Consulting

Our team is comprised of nationally recognized experts with demonstrated track records in helping financial institutions provide viable and sustainable solutions.

Credit Union Consultant

Bank Consultant

Our CEO is an MBA and certified sales trainer, Jim's extensive background includes creating and running highly successful retail, business and mass affluent sales teams in 5 different States in both rural and large metro markets. His programs won National Small Business campaigns in 2 separate states and he was a featured speaker at national credit union conferences highlighting his successful aproach to retail small business strategy for credit unions.

Our Mission

Shrinking margins, regulators, deep pocket national banks, online options - its a jungle and getting tougher all the time. Your success depends on your ability to effectively navigate these challenges and execute a business model with proven stainable results.

Spending thousands of $$ for expensive sales management systems and consultants may not be the best use of your limited resources. Sometimes, all it takes is focusing on just doing a few things very well, over and over again.

35 years experience building and running successful retail and business sales teams for banks and credit unions gives JDH Financial Consulting a dynamic perspective of what it takes to effectively compete in a tough industry.

Contact us a call today for a free Credit Union consultation to see if our programs make sense for you.

Bank Consultant

Our Solution

Retail/Small Business Sales Strategy
Development and Implementation
Improving sales performance that includes
bank performance evaluation
Sales management process for Retail, Small Business,
and Mass Affluent sales teams
New Program design, launch
and on going support

Bank Consulting Services

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