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Many organizations invest a tremendous amount of time and money addressing sales and service performance. From installing the latest new training program to adding sophisticated software to produce leads, track and report results, these investments can be significant yet at the end of the day, performance hasn't budged. Sometimes it's just as simple as putting the right strategy in place and executing. That's where our Credit Union Consulting comes in.

Our approach is personalized, simple and above all, focused. We help management, sales leaders and coaches in 2 key areas that we feel can have the quickest impact on your success - strategy and execution. Through a combination of in-the-field observations and performance analysis of your results, we quickly identify gaps in strategy and sales management practices and tailor a program to meet your needs….but our Credit Union Consultants don't stop there. Through specific skill modeling, 1:1 coaching, and ongoing support, we help your sales managers continue to execute to produce the sustainable results you are looking for.

Sales Strategy Design and Implementation

Retail and Mass Market – Develop and/or redesign new sales strategy for branches with emphasis on new household acquisition and cross sell.

Small Business Market – Design and implementation of specialized programs to acquire new small business households in the branches and deepen existing relationships

Mass Affluent – We create strategy development and program design to attract and leverage your branches' most profitable relationships

Member Business Lending – assist with design and implementation of an MBL program tailored to your market and resources

Customer Experience management

Incentive Compensation and Goal setting

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Performance Improvement

Through field observation of sales and service management processes and behaviors, we work closely with your sales leaders to address gaps and improve their effectiveness. We incorporate a few critical sales management practices designed to move productivity to the next level. The steps we take are simple, targeted and proven to deliver better results:

• Market, product & competitive position analysis

• Key problem identification through performance observation/analysis

• Facilitate new strategy &/or changes to current strategies

• Facilitate communication of changes to stakeholders

• Implement with onsite coaching, observations to enhance skill development and scheduled follow up sessions

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